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Siim Einfeldt aka Itpunk siim_e at pshg.edu.ee
Tue May 15 13:51:15 CDT 2001


  I would suggest you to go to www.strictlyhosting.co.uk, I think they
have all you need. And do me a favour, tell them I forwarded you to them.


> We're currently hosting our site, as well as our clients with Media 3.
> (www.media3.com)  We've had intermittent problems with servers being
> overloaded, not returning responses, etc..  And they're response to this
> has been to suggest we move from simple business hosting to 200/month
> dedicated machine.  This may be an option for our site, but its definitely
> not an option for most of our clients.
> Does anyone have any good hosting companies out there that offer Cold
> Fusion, Access, SQL Server, etc.. for reasonable prices, preferably with
> reseller account availability?
> While we're looking for an shared hosting solution, we also have the option
> to move to dedicated hosting or co-location.  What are the general opinions,
> problems, bonuses of people's experiences with these options.  We're willing
> to make the investment if it will pay off in the long run for ourselves as
> well as our clients.  Moving to co-location will obviously have higher cost
> implications(Server cost, software costs(ColdFusion, SQL, etc)).
> thanks for the input,
> mike.
> Michael Roberto
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