[thelist] Re:Evolt Web Design Directory

Craig Saila craig.saila at osc.on.ca
Tue May 15 16:32:57 CDT 2001

Simon Coggins writes:
>- feedback on the design 

Running IE6b/Win2000 everything looks very crisp and consistent.

On Mozilla 0.9/Win2K, on pages without links (i.e.,
<http://members.evolt.org/astro38/evolt/modern.php?viewCat=7>) part of the
footer is hidden under the "Sub Category" box (it reads "gest new link |
Suggest new category"). A small problem that will likely disappear as soon
as links are added. Perhaps this can be prevented by putting in a section
description like in "Distractions".

When pages don't have any sub-categories, the white space to the empty
space can be a bit distracting.
>- feedback on the current category structure

On an initial pass, it seems very logical, intuitive, and easy to move
around. And its fast
>- any other comments
>Do you think this should be part of evolt.org or would it be better as a
>stand alone project?

If this can be folded into evolt, I think it would strengthen the
community that much more. Will be adding this to my bookmarks and
recommended sites. Excellent work.


Craig Saila
craig at saila.com | http://www.saila.com/

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