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> We're currently hosting our site, as well as our clients with Media 3.
> (www.media3.com)  We've had intermittent problems with servers being
> overloaded, not returning responses, etc..  And they're response to this
> has been to suggest we move from simple business hosting to 200/month
> dedicated machine.  This may be an option for our site, but its definitely
> not an option for most of our clients.
> Does anyone have any good hosting companies out there that offer Cold
> Fusion, Access, SQL Server, etc.. for reasonable prices, preferably with
> reseller account availability?

I used to have my CF client sites at Media3 too, but have since moved them
to ABI Hosting (http://www.abihosting.com) and have been very satisfied with
them. They charge $19.95/month, no setup fee, offer Acess and SQL Server (no
additional charge for that). They also told me that they support all CF
custom tags except for cfexecute and cfregistry and I've had good luck
getting them to install CFX tags when needed.

They don't have a reseller program, but you can charge more than the $19.95
cost if you want (you can get better pricing by signing up for a year =
$215). Ask for Don Wallis (one of the principals with whom I've had a good
working relationship) if you have more questions.

> thanks for the input,
> mike.
> Michael Roberto

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