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Michele Foster michele at
Tue May 15 20:02:17 CDT 2001

IOW, what you'd like to see is added to the Members Database (currently in
development) are fields that allow for:

skills (various check boxes perhaps to facilitate searching of information)
level of expertise for each skill (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
available for short-term contracts (yes/no)


And, going back, are you available to help wrap the CF code around the
members database?


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From: "Erik Mattheis" <gozz at>

| >But, I may have misunderstood what Erik was suggesting.  I took Erik's
| >suggestion to be more along the lines of allowing members to post
| >jobs, short term, very specific skill set, etc.
| This is exactly what I was suggesting, minus the posting contract
| jobs, I've seen such things listed on the right side of the home page
| ... seems from what Rudy's saying the database part of it is still
| there.

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