[thelist] Looking for hip Design studios in Toronto

H. G. Quinn hgquinn at attglobal.net
Wed May 16 05:41:25 CDT 2001

Can you try Montreal?  AFAIK it has a rep for really creative people and
work environments.

"Flavia Silveira-Tarzwell (FayeC)" wrote:

> Hi,
> I am taking the Web Design, Development and Maintenance Certificate at
> Humber (upgrading old skills and learning some new ones) and one of the
> things we are required to do is research on companies we would like to
> work for.
> We need to find 10 companies we would enjoy working at and list their
> phone numbers and the person in charge of hiring for these companies.
> I have a good idea of the kind of enviroment I would be happy to work at
> but I don't know where to find 10 companies that have the same kind of
> "free spirit" type of work place.
> I am looking for some help in finding design houses/companies that have
> this kind of artistic, open minded, high energy type of enviroment in
> Toronto, Ontario. I
> can look for their phone number/contact person after I have the list in
> hand but right now I only have one company that fits the profile.
> Any ideas, tips or info on this subject will be extremely appreciated
> :)))))
> TIA,
> FayeC


Heather Quinn
info at windyhilldesign.com
hgquinn at attglobal.net

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