[thelist] http response codes

iris laren4 at yahoo.com
Wed May 16 06:52:00 CDT 2001

this is from the stats of a site i maintain for a
voluntary org.  could someone possibly explain to me
what these codes are and why they would occur?  what's
the difference betw 'found' and 'ok'.  i'm mainly
baffled by 'partial content' and 'not modified'. 

looking up http response codes with google has only
led me to one line explanations which didn't make it
any clearer for me.

Hits by Response Code 
Code 200 - OK              4931
Code 206 - Partial Content   11
Code 302 - Found             12
Code 304 - Not Modified     674
Code 404 - Not Found        182

302, would that be the re-direction to the thank you
page after filling in the feedback form?

304, it says "The document has not been modified since
the last request, and the locally cached copy should
be used instead."  how does it check when it was last
modified.  i thought i had to include a metatag
(HTTP-EQUIV="expires") for this. the high number of
occurences is worrying me here.


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