[thelist] http response codes

Filip Salomonsson filip at netdesign.se
Wed May 16 07:47:20 CDT 2001

Ben Henick:
> > Code 206 - Partial Content   11
> ...Meaning that the visitor stopped the transfer before the entire file
> was sent.  It's entirely possible that the same response would be
> generated if the file didn't end properly... but how this could happen, I
> have no idea.

What? No.
The response status is set before a single bute of data is sent to the
client, so an interruption doesnat change the status. 206 means the client
included a Range header in the request (e.g. resuming a previously
interrupted download). The server will reply with a 206 status code and
include the Content-Range header in the response.

> > Code 302 - Found             12
> I wish like crazy that I could explain the difference between 301 & 302,
> but I can't.

301 means "Moved Permanently". The client should use the new location (as
specified by the Location header) for all future requests to this resource.

302 means "Moved temporarily". General client behaviour doesn't conform with
the RFCs, though, and status codes 303 (See Other) and 307 (Temporary
Redirect) can be used instead, to avoid ambiguity.


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