[thelist] http response codes

Filip Salomonsson filip at netdesign.se
Wed May 16 07:53:35 CDT 2001

> 304, it says "The document has not been modified since
> the last request, and the locally cached copy should
> be used instead."  how does it check when it was last
> modified.  i thought i had to include a metatag
> (HTTP-EQUIV="expires") for this. the high number of
> occurences is worrying me here.

It checks the last modification time of the actual file on your disk
(assuming the resource is a file, of course).

The 304 status means the client included a If-Modified-Since header in the
request, and the date supplied there is used for comparison. Seeing lots of
304s in your logs is nothing to worry about. It only means that the user has
visited the resource before, or that he/she is using a caching proxy that
already had a fresh copy stored locally.


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