[thelist] http response codes

iris laren4 at yahoo.com
Wed May 16 08:16:10 CDT 2001

filip wrote
> status. 206 means the client
> included a Range header in the request (e.g.
> resuming a previously
> interrupted download). The server will reply with a
> 206 status code and
> include the Content-Range header in the response.

will the user get to see this error code or is this
something that goes on betw server and client before a
page is displayed?

> 301 means "Moved Permanently". The client should use
> the new location (as
> specified by the Location header) for all future
> requests to this resource.
> 302 means "Moved temporarily". General client
> behaviour doesn't conform with
> the RFCs, though, and status codes 303 (See Other)
> and 307 (Temporary
> Redirect) can be used instead, to avoid ambiguity.

still not sure on this one.  what does the 'moved'
refer to?  the requested page?  this is a small
website of about 50 static pages.  nothing's been
moved since i moved it to a new host last dec.  why
would anything move temorarily?

where would be the best place to read up on all this
server-client communication.  seems like i've got some
mega holes in my knowledge.


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