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Lea leaevolt at viking.org.au
Wed May 16 08:42:25 CDT 2001

Wednesday, May 16, 2001, 3:28:14 AM, Sandy wrote:
> Oh, and I'd love to hear debate on this if people feel differently, but
> personally, if it's a link outside my site, I make it open up a new browser.
> As a user, I LIKE this, because sometimes you end up linking your way thru
> several sites and forget that at the original source there was more you
> wanted to check out.  I end up stumbling across it again when I'm shutting
> down browsers, which otherwise I wouldn't have.

No, cant agree with that one.
You're (without meaning to disparage you) making the arrogant
assumption that you have some 'higher' right to window space than what
the user is asking for.
As a user, I hate the designer making this sort of decision for me -
if I want a new window open, I will click so a new one opens!

Your only ethical option is to make sure the next link doesnt break
the back button, so the user *may* come back if they want to.

Uhuh, I know the obvious comeback - "many users are so naive and
inexperienced they dont know *how* to open in a new window".
Well, so be it - doesnt justify you taking over their system

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