New Windows (was RE: [thelist] Evolt Web Design Directory

Wed May 16 09:02:41 CDT 2001

I agree, but when I read things like this I think of my father-in-law who
is quite proud of his relatively new-found computer/internet skills.

I think its impossible for us to think like the end user.  There are a lot of
people out there on the web who know _absolutely nothing_ about how their
computer works.  They just click away and then when they're done they click on
start|shut down.  To many users the word "desktop" has nothing to do with their
computer.  I think sometimes we subconciously assume that they will
understand... because to us it seems so simple.

On the topic of New Windows...
Many times I've encountered marketing types who want to make sure that the user
doesn't leave the site.  They don't want links to anywhere else, and if they
have to occur, can we do it in a new window, with no navigation, etc...  I
usually give them an example of a warez site that pops up 50 windows as you try
to close it and say "I could do something like this no problem..."  It helps to
convey a point that these tactics can simply be annoying.  My question is, where
is the line of acceptable tactics vs. annoying tactics?

-Ron S.

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