[thelist] Able to get to other users on server folders

matt newell matt at sweetillusions.org
Wed May 16 12:40:52 CDT 2001

: Come on guys, get real - or are you joking:
: At 12:50 PM -0400 5/16/01, Denis, David wrote:
: >But users
: >shouldn't be sensitive files in there, only files associated with their
: >page
: At 9:21 AM -0700 5/16/01, matt newell wrote:
: >most people aren't holding their last year's tax docs on their shell
: >account, so there is no need to lock it down to local read/view. but,
: >again -- there are a lot of newbies out there that have sensitive things
: >they probably wouldn't want others finding.

i don't think i was joking ..

if the user putting things on the server doesn't have enough security
experience locking their sensitive files/db's down, then they probably
shouldn't be responsible for such important data .. no?

security is up to the individual (company) to own, just like you don't trust
the security of your wallet or purse to say -- the police?

"my wallet got stolen, so now ima go sue a DEA agent."

"sorry, unless someone's feeling nice -- you prolly won't see it again"

maybe that illuminates the point a bit better.


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