[thelist] Evolt Web Design Directory

Marc Seyon seyon at carib-link.net
Wed May 16 12:45:33 CDT 2001

At 5/16/2001 02:55 PM, you wrote:

> >>As a user, I hate the designer making this sort of decision for me -
> >>if I want a new window open, I will click so a new one opens!
>Equally as a user, I hate it when the designer forces me to have to right
>click (although as a matter of course i do).

The only difference I see here is if the link is set to open in a new 
window, afaik, it cannot be opened in the same window. No choices. If it 
opens in the same window, there is still the choice to open it in a new 
window, if one so desires.


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