[thelist] Mac X PC

Michael Barrett mbarrett at triad.rr.com
Wed May 16 12:59:27 CDT 2001

>  - Sizes of buttons and drop down menus are larger on the Mac and AFAIK
> unchangeable through CSS like in Windows IE.
Well you can style form elements in Mac IE 5+.

Mac Netscape 4.x will give you layout problems (surprised?). Mac Netscape
4.x tends to render type smaller than it should, while IE 5.x renders
HTML/type more closely to it's windows counterparts

One plus to Mac Netscape is it does handle Java Applets better than Mac IE,
although they are still awfully slow and chunky

VB Script was mentioned in another post in this thread. Needless to say an
ActiveX control won't go anywhere on a Mac either.

-- Michael

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