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Wed May 16 13:07:22 CDT 2001


: From: Lea
: Uhuh, I know the obvious comeback - "many
: users are so naive and inexperienced they
: dont know *how* to open in a new window".
: Well, so be it - doesnt justify you taking
: over their system

opening a new, normal browser window is not taking over their system.  the
more familiar people become with the internet, the more likely they are to
prefer this method when searching for information -- especially when
browsing an information heavy site like the directory project or a search

the argument that new users don't like new windows for off-site links
doesn't fly with me because i've had plenty of users contact me (as the
"webmaster") saying that a link off-site would be preferred (obviously they
don't know about right-clicking the link and opening in a new window or
shift-clicking the link).

just my 2c,


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