[thelist] Mac X PC

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Wed May 16 13:11:17 CDT 2001

> I'd forgotten the issue per se so I went searching for it.  Now I
> recall...I believe it had to do with the doctype declarations on files in
> XHTML 1.0 Transitional or XHTML 1.0 Strict.  IE 5 tried to go fishing for
> the file on w3.org and couldn't find it.  The problem was always in the

Odd. I've used IE 5 on the Mac, and haven't seen that. I know that I
implemented a workaround for Netscape 6 and current Mozilla's concerning
DOCTYPE's - view source on gamegrene.com to see that workaround. That may be
why IE isn't having the same problem you had...

> And then of course, in iCab, I get an indifferent face with XHTML files :|
> instead of a smiley face :) which kinda sucks.  I've never gotten a happy
> face from my pages in iCab.

Heh. Yeah, you won't - iCab doesn't support XHTML checking just yet, so
you'll always get that face.

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