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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed May 16 13:26:12 CDT 2001


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| : From: Erik Mattheis
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| : Would you both be happy by compromising always
| : saying target="new" so all external links opened
| : in a SINGLE new window?
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| then you have the problem of that "new" window being open from a
| clicked link and then minimized.  clicking another link that targets that
| window and seemingly nothing happens.  or, you've navigated to something
| want to leave in the new window for later use and clicking a link opens a
| new page in that window and you forget to go back after viewing the new
| in that new window.  make sense?

Nope .. doesn't make sense.  Well, it does, but I want to know what you
suggest as a solution?  You want to name each target a different name (new1,
new2, new3, etc.)?  Possible .. but then the user really will have several
open windows and get lost more easily.  FWIW, we didn't do this with evolt
(at least I didn't), each target has the same name (though the name may not
be the same in different articles).


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