[thelist] IE 5.5 image problem (repost, bounced, sorry if duplicate)

Shifra Raffel sraffel at Oxygen.com
Wed May 16 14:27:34 CDT 2001

Hi evolters. Anyone with IE 5.5 who has a moment, could you please do a
healthclub search from this page
and email me offlist whether the search results window images look broken,
and what OS you are using?

It's all right that the very bottom of results page looks funky at the

We've had a weird ongoing issue with images timing out or breaking, for some
reason, on pages that have images coming from more than one server, on some
IE 5.5 machines (NT only, and not all at that). We tried adjusting our
server's keepalive timeout but that worked badly for other reasons. I'd be
happy for any insight into this...

<tip type="addition to nn4 and css tip a while ago by ppk" author="shifra">
PPK advised that overlapping text blocks using "position" kills links in
Another NN4 link-killer is moving elements too close together by using
negative bottom-margins. 
CSS users beware.

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