[thelist] Bookmark or Favorite?

Craig Saila craig.saila at osc.on.ca
Wed May 16 14:48:54 CDT 2001

Though I fear I may be opening up an "e-mail" vs. "email" discussion, I
was wondering what word/phrase people use for general Web sites when
referring to adding a page to one's bookmarks/favourites:

- "Bookmark" (technically a Netscape/Opera term)
- "Add to Favorites" (an IE-specific term)
- or do you use a combination ("you can bookmark/add this page to your

And, for the non-Americans, if "Add to Favorites" is used, do you follow
the spelling in the browser ("Favorites") or go with "Favourites"?

Personally I lean toward "bookmark", and in the cases where I don't, I use
the "-our" spelling. 


Craig Saila
craig at saila.com | http://www.saila.com/

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