[thelist] Hop on Popups (Was: Evolt Web Design Directory)

Michael Barrett mbarrett at triad.rr.com
Wed May 16 15:01:45 CDT 2001

> Does the way http://www.liga1.com handle popup windows work better?
Mmmm. No.
> One big pro is that it allows the reader to do either thing: open new links
> in a popup or no.
This is the kind of site that caters to the web-saavy, e.g. people who are
likely to know how to right-click/control-click. So having that option on
this site in particular is more a whistling bell than a useful thing.

The problem with a 'global' pop-up setting is that you have to set it for
every site that has the option, and it doesn't take into consideration the
fact that one might want some links to open in a new window (links to other
sites for example) while wanting other links to remain in the parent window
(linking from the home page to some content for example)

> One big con is that it's not obvious (I missed it the first few
> times).

-- Michael

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