[thelist] Mac X PC

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Wed May 16 17:30:43 CDT 2001

Perhaps the biggest difference is that there are two more browsers 
with their own bizarre behavior you need to check your sites on if 
you want to catch most everyone on Mac and PC. The best thing would 
be to just pick up a used iMac.

but ... something else to be aware of:

Mac people rarely have browser windows at full screen, ... they don't 
open up that way and most people like to see some of their desktop 
... I'd venture to guess the average screen res of Internet faring 
Macs is higher though - and unlike Joe Windows, a retarded Mac user 
can change their screen res because the control is right there at the 
bottom of the screen.

>   - Sizes of buttons and drop down menus are larger on the Mac and 
>AFAIK unchangeable through CSS like in Windows IE.

This hasn't been corrected yet that I see - CSS works on form 
elements great in IE - IE 5 Mac seems to get more CSS things right 
than any other browser I've used. There are some CSS that work on 
Netscape form elements.

And the size thing is the opposite - form elements are SMALLER on a 
MAC, enough so you might want to add a few units to your <input 
size="" or the input box well ... kind of "marquee" when you get near 
the end of it.

And yes, please do keep Java off my Mac browser until I see how OS X 
hangs with it - hopefully it "hangs with it" in a good way. Actually 
I have Java off when I'm using the Internet, so I don't care ... 
others might though.

One last thing, if you're doing browser detection and a Mac Navigator 
visits your site, you should display this message:  "Come on, lay 
down your cross, man - you're only hurting yourself."

One last-last last thing ... why does IE 5 Mac have "Enable Active-X 
in it's prefs if it doesn't support any ActiveX?

- Erik Mattheis

"For best results, pronounce muh THEIGH ess."

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