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bradclark1 bradclark1 at msn.com
Wed May 16 19:35:14 CDT 2001

> Jay Fitzgerald wrote:
> >
> > What browser does AOL utilize as it web interface? Where can I
> > download it to check the
> > formatting of my sites?

As an exAOLer, who jumped from the fat into the fire if you notice my email
address. The browser right now for AOL  is IE5.
How AOL/Microsoft work it is that AOL uses the previous version of Explorer
(with certain modifications). ie:
MSIE5     =  AOL5 which has the older IE4
MSIE5.5  =  AOL6 which has the older IE5
MSIE6  will probably lead into AOL7 except that Steve Case is thinking about
changing the browser to Netscape (which would make sense considering AOL
owns it). That will be a massive shift of 6.3% browser usage from Explorer
to Netscape, which is a pretty large shift. That could lead to some wars
between two companies and two browsers that really have a dislike for each
other and especially with .Net and SnowStorm or whatever that ms is coming
out with.
That was one of the reasons the advertising for AOL6 went overboard. They
were shifting from IE4 to IE5.
The AOL Netscape thing was last weeks news, but the AOL IEbrowser bit was
told to me by a tech supervisor that was trying to get me to stay with them.
She offered me three free months if I stayed but I wanted the MSN bribe of
$400 dollars for three years so I could get  a nineteen inch monitor.
Greed has a way of biting you square on your butt. Not only is MSN a lot
worse than AOL but I'm stuck with modem service (26k if the moon is right)
until the end of 2002, unless I want to pay back a large chunk of the rebate
to switch to cable.
Watch out for great deals.


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