[thelist] MSN Rebate was AOL Browser

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Wed May 16 21:38:49 CDT 2001

From: "bradclark1" <bradclark1 at msn.com>

>who jumped from the fat into the fire

> but I wanted the MSN bribe of $400 dollars for three years so I could get
a nineteen inch >monitor.  Greed has a way of biting you square on your
butt. Not only is MSN a lot
> worse...

Hear ya - did the same thing, but got MSN as a back-up account to cover for
when my other ISP wasn't feeling like working on ocassion.  MSN service is
terrible, but can't cancel.  BUT I read the following in eCompany Now

"MS offers customers $400 worth of merchandise at Best Buy if they sign up
for its MSN Internet service and stay with it for three years.  Thousands of
people sign up for MSN, spend their money at Best Buy, and then cancel the
service.  In most cases, MS requires customers to repay the $400, but
because of stringent consumer-protection laws in Oregon and California, it
has to allow customers in those states to keep their Best Buy booty."

So are you lucky enough to live in the right state?  LOL!  Not me - damn.


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