[thelist] Re: New Windows

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Wed May 16 22:04:30 CDT 2001

>I regret to say that I'm in a Mac-free zone here :-) but this seems
>like a (moderate) security issue; are you doing a signed script, or
just standard JS?

Well, now I'm even more wrong ... really the only place I see 
copyhistory is in my JS book, which is by the same guy who did this 
(and it's listed here):

... and in a bunch of search results for pages that have it in their code.

(typeof window.copyhistory) returns undefined, and as (typeof 
window.menubar) returns Object, it seems like it would return 
function if a browser knew about it.

And the thing I'm more wrong about is that IE Mac 5 seems to always 
"copyhistory" - without it and with copyhistory=false

Perhaps it's the naturalsizeflag syndrome.


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