[thelist] Opinions on look

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Wed May 16 23:49:40 CDT 2001

>Hello all.
>I am working on a new site and would like everyone's opinion on how 
>it looks.   Let me know what you think about the design and the logo.


Could you give us a clue as to the potential audience?

I'm not going to rant about usability or accessibility, just that 
logo may or may not work depending on the market. It doesn't do it 
for me, but if you're going for, say, a Vegas angle, then maybe?

The logo reminds me of the work I used to *have* to do for a client 
when I worked at an ad agency. This client sold mags, steering 
wheels, and high-performance (read: munter) car alterations. It 
worked well for their punters ... it had me pulling at my teeth with 
pliers to reroute the pain.

So, who are the prospective punters?

Andrew Forsberg

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