[thelist] DIVs, Layers, Slideshows & NS4.x

Simon Coggins ppxsjc1 at unix.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk
Thu May 17 08:23:07 CDT 2001

> So my question is this, how would you very experienced, and very
> knowledgeable group of people go about solving this problem?

I don't know how a very experienced and very knowledgeable person would do
it but here's what I might try...

Why not do a simple image swap rather than mess around with layers? Think
of the problem like an image rollover but instead of using onmouseover use
the onclick event handler within the forward/back buttons. You could store
the images in an array (and preload them just like with rollover code) and
insert a dummy image or the first slide into the document with an <IMG
name="slideshow"> tag. To run the show automatically, just write a
function that loops through replacing the image with the appropriate
one from the array, and control the timing with settimeout(). It should
avoid cross-browser DOM woes too.



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