[thelist] DIVs, Layers, Slideshows & NS4.x

Gebreselassie Johnny gebreselassie_johnny at bah.com
Thu May 17 09:26:18 CDT 2001

The problem here is that this slideshow is being developed in the wrong
place.  Since when was the web designed for slideshows.  If you would like
to do a slideshow I suggest you use powerpoint.  I think one problem that we
too often make as developers is that we attempt to use our talents to expand
the scope of what our tools were meant to do.  Your starting off with the
wrong tool and thus you are going to be spending a lot of time trying to
develop a slideshow that you could develop in powerpoint in one day.  You
could then put this slideshow up on the web and make it available for people
to download.  I understand that many people will say, but what if the person
doesn't have powerpoint because they are using linux.

I assume that the purpose of your slide show is some kind of demo, or
marketing event.  Well anybody who you are trying to market or demo for ie
(non-developers) business people who make decisions, probably has win 98
that the help desk has set up for them with the company standard software
etc ....

Johnny Gebreselassie

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>Again I *thought* this would be simple, I load the initial image into a
>layer, and use a JavaScript slideshow to control it - but for whatever
>reason NS4.x doesn't like it - I've tried 6 different slide show scripts -
>and they all work great on IE4.x and upwards - and is NS6 - but it's a no
>for NS4.x - it just ignores them and the first image never changes.

I don't know if this would work with NS 6, but it works in NN 4.+


I haven't actually tried this one, but it might be worth a look?

<tamara />

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