[thelist] A javascript question

Damien Cola damien.cola at synaptique.co.uk
Thu May 17 09:34:48 CDT 2001

Hi, I have just subscribed to evolt, because I have a problem and I don't
know who to ask.

In one script, I use
variable = "something"+top.location+"something else" ;

And when I run this script, I have an error on Netscape 4.6 (no error with
IE, the script gets executed, and its fine, I checked the value of

the error in netscape says:
"can't convert top.location to primitive type."

I don't understand what Netscape wants to do. When I use "document.referrer"
for exemple, there isn't such a message about converting the type to a
primitive one. (STRING is the one that comes to my mind)

Do you think you can help me sorting this out? Does someone have an idea at

Thank you

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