[thelist] A javascript question

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Thu May 17 09:36:43 CDT 2001

Try top.location.href instead of top.location

That *might* be the answer.


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From: "Damien Cola" <damien.cola at synaptique.co.uk>
Subject: [thelist] A javascript question

> Hi, I have just subscribed to evolt, because I have a problem and I don't
> know who to ask.
> In one script, I use
> variable = "something"+top.location+"something else" ;
> And when I run this script, I have an error on Netscape 4.6 (no error with
> IE, the script gets executed, and its fine, I checked the value of
> top.location)
> the error in netscape says:
> "can't convert top.location to primitive type."

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