[thelist] IIS 5: Is it Bad to Map .css to asp.dll?

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Thu May 17 11:03:54 CDT 2001

At 11:26 AM 5/16/2001, you wrote:
>     I am not certain whether this is strictly an IIS question, since I
>suspect the same thing can be accomplished through other means on other web
>server platforms and other server-side scripting languages. But a partially
>formed thought occurred to me: what if I mapped .css files to the asp.dll in
>IIS -- can I include ASP code in a stand-alone CSS file to conditionally
>create a client-side style sheet?
>     Lo and behold, the answer is, yes, I can! In theory (remember, this is
>based on a partially formed thought), this would seem to provide some neat
>benefits, especially for cross-browser CSS.
>     But the question occurs to me: are there pitfalls, from a web-server
>admin standpoint, to doing this? Security issues? Unintended consequences?
>     Caveat: I am not a server admin, and don't pretend to be.
>     Enlightenment, anyone? :)

I run/admin and code for several IIS 4/5 boxen - I see no problem with 
this. I think this solution is lot let problematic than using the 
global.asa for ASP programming. If the load on your server is moderate, 
they you will see no hit in performance. Even with higher loads, I would 
guess the hit would be negligible since its really only one file per 
directory that you are asking it to parse.

Anthony Baratta
Keyboard Jockeys

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