[thelist] ASP error: Too few parameters.

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu May 17 13:03:30 CDT 2001


Some code would be helpful.  Have you printed out your SQL statement to see
what's missing?  When you say it works in Access, via a View?  Access can be
temperamental about allowing View's to be updateable.


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From: "Herrick, Emma" <eherric at ju.edu>

| Does anyone know what this error means?
| Too few parameters. Expected 9.
| I get it on my sql statement which works fine if I run it in access, but
| through ASP. 9 is the number of fields I'm retrieving from 2 tables. Is it
| because I'm trying to do an update on one table with 2 tables open? Am I
| allowed to do that in ASP?
| I've looked the error up on MS but none of the examples seems to apply to
| issue.

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