[thelist] Text-editing Widgets?

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Thu May 17 13:19:36 CDT 2001

Anyone have any recommendations for in-browser text editing - I have
seen ActiveX solutions, I myself use blogger on personal stuff, I've
seen (very ugly) all-java versions. I've also seen the <cf_custom tag>
solutions in different sites. 

Are there any solutions out there which would be portable between
browsers, and between backend installations - like, a widget that would
live on a page, you tell it what <textarea> to talk to, and you have
editing features?

Backwards compatibility desired only in the respect that it needs to not
explode if:
        - netscape 4 comes at it
        - lynx comes at it
        - no java
        - no activex
        - so we're talking about browser-agnostic dhtml

I'm thinking of solutions that work like http://www.democompany.com/ 's
text editor (which I think is the CF custom tag) - but work in as many
browsers as possible.

Anybody have ideas?

        - Joe <http://artlung.com/>
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