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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
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A view is the same as a "query" in Access.  It can just be a select of a
subset from one table or it can be a view of several tables joined together.
Joined tables in a query (or view) are generally not updateable from the
view/query result set.  There are exceptions to this, but it would require
selecting all fields within the tables being viewed, and it is also
dependent upon other relationships within the database.  Autonumbered fields
can also impact whether or not a query/view is updateable (or delete-able).

You can learn a lot about relationships, different join types, etc. by using
the query mode in Access.  I'll often create complex views in Access, as
queries, by pointing and clicking, selecting what I want through the menus,
then switching to SQL View to copy and paste the SQL generated into my ASP
code.  Access does put in far too many brackets than required, but those are
easy enough to delete.



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| When I say the sql statement works in access, i mean if I plug it in and
| it, it returns all the records it's supposed to. I did a join on the sql
| statement because I didn't think access supported views, though admittedly
| I'm a db newbie so I wouldn't really know a view if it hit me in the head.

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