[thelist] ASP error: Too few parameters.

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu May 17 13:43:06 CDT 2001

> I did a join on the sql statement because I didn't think
> access supported views, though admittedly I'm a db newbie
> so I wouldn't really know a view if it hit me in the head.

hi emma

access does not support views per se (not sure about access 2000, though,
which i think has a different engine than access 97/98)

access *does* let you query a query, which in effect is the same thing as a

but if you can do something without a view, do so

as far as updating a join, this is always a treacherous undertaking

conceptually dicey too -- would you ask your ATM to withdraw some money
from your chequing account while it was joined to your savings account?

i am sorry, i cannot help you with the ASP (concepts like "Batch update all
the records rs.update rs.close" give me the screaming heebiejeebies) but if
you have problems with the sql, just holler


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