[thelist] A javascript question

Damien Cola damien.cola at synaptique.co.uk
Thu May 17 13:49:41 CDT 2001

> What I do is calling a Perl script in the same way as you do. It
> sanitizes
> my data (browser goes into browser file, referrer goes into referrer file
> etc) and then sends a transparent image back to the browser.

That's good and even vital if you're using the same webserver for all your
http traffic, in my project I have a web server devoted to login traffic for
this CGI script, because there will be a lot of requests from different
The log files will be huge, but hopefully there will be one line for each

The thing I am a bit stuck on is how to avoid people cheating, that's why I
am logging the top.location, document.referrer as well as the referrer that
gets logged along a standard http request. But the checking will be in the
batch processing of the logfiles, probably matching the 3 infos with a list
of valid domains.. I don't know exactly..

> If you wish I can send you a Perl browser detect module I wrote.
> The coding
> is not too good, but it's up to date (Omniweb is the last browser added).

That would be helpful, althought I am not working on this part yet and it
might be somebody else working on it later..

Thank you and have a nice day.

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