[thelist] Adobe GoLive/Editor problem?

Freda Lockert freda at appleonline.net
Thu May 17 14:30:51 CDT 2001

GoLive's layout window display is particularly poor, it was one of 
the improvements users expected in the upgrade from v.4 to v.5 
(nearly a year ago now) but it didn't happen. The only other WYSIWYG 
editor I've used is Dreamweaver 4 which is somewhat better than GL in 
this respect but far from perfect.

As to why it's like this and when we can expect an upgrade - lots of 
people at the Adobe user forum have been trying to get Adobe to tell 
us, without success.


>I'm managing my company's website in GoLive and have
>noticed that the pages looks remarkably different in
>the Layout window, the Preview window and the actual
>Netscape/IE browsers. I'd like to know why this
>difference exists - I would expect that all these
>options they've created would do what they're supposed
>to! Is this problem specific to GoLive or all editors?
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