[thelist] Vector Maps

John Dowdell jdowdell at macromedia.com
Thu May 17 15:12:31 CDT 2001

At 6:25 PM 5/17/1, Adam Slesinger wrote:
>Hi all, sorry if this question has been posted before - I'm in a hurry...
>I'm looking for vector outline maps of the united states, central america,
>and europe.

Here's a fast way... first I searched google.com with "vector map central
america" and found a number of hits, but couldn't quickly evaluate among
them. Then I tried "vector maps" and clicked the Google category list that
came up, and this pointed to "Webmaster Resources" listing many such sites.

If you're actually seeking a personal recommendation, though, then I
haven't bought any, sorry.

(Just in case you want "vector maps" on a web list for use in a SWF file,
one tip is to either find a map optimized for SWF, or to carefully check
the curves yourself... vectors designed for print may have too many little
kinks for happy web use.)


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