[thelist] Mac & HTML Formatted Email

Laura J. Rinaldi rinaldi at ihwy.com
Thu May 17 15:14:16 CDT 2001

Some programs just don't show html code in emails. Eudora, on the mac 
for example, doesn't show tables properly, or background but you 
*can* see gif files, and get the general look and feel of the piece.

However, if your client is like me, and downloads his mail, then 
turns off the connection to look, he probably won't see the gifs, if 
the mail client is like Eudora, as it only downloads the images when 
you have *opened* the email.

If you want to send the message to me, I can do a screen shot and let 
you see what I see. I'm using Eudora 5.0, System 9.04.


At 3:12 PM -0500 5/17/01, Bruce Heerssen wrote:
>Mac OS 9.0.4
>Email client: Entourage v. 9.0 (I know, it's a brand new program, but is still
>version 9 - go figure)
>MSIE 5.0
>HTML formatting IS enabled in his client, I had him check.
>It would be very helpful if one of you mac users would agree to look at the
>message for me. We're getting some macs, but probably not for a couple of
>weeks, so I don't have the capability to look at the message myself.
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