[thelist] Mac & HTML Formatted Email

Bruce Heerssen bheerssen at visualbridge.tv
Thu May 17 15:29:52 CDT 2001

Thanks for your offer of help.
> However, if your client is like me, and downloads his mail, then
> turns off the connection to look, he probably won't see the gifs, if
> the mail client is like Eudora, as it only downloads the images when
> you have *opened* the email.

That is true, but my client is on a corporate lan (and a fast one too, I
gather) so he is always connected to the internet.

> If you want to send the message to me, I can do a screen shot and let
> you see what I see. I'm using Eudora 5.0, System 9.04.

I'd love that. Unfortunately, the client is not using Eudora. But it may be
worth the effort anyway. I should mention that the email also contains a flash
file for audio. The audio begins to play as soon as you open the email, so be

FWIW, the client sent the email back to me, and when I did a view-source, none
of the html tags were present.


He says HTML is enabled for his mail client, so I wonder if proxy servers or
mail servers might have something to do with this?

If you are still willing to receive the email, I would be grateful. Please
reply if you are. I know that you agreed to once, but since this is a rather
annoying email - what with the audio and all - I thought I'd ask again.



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