[thelist] Prices in UK

Siim Einfeldt aka Itpunk siim_e at pshg.edu.ee
Thu May 17 15:49:53 CDT 2001


I would be interested in web design and development prices in UK. The
information I`m interested in:
	-> Average hour rate in php-mysql programming
	-> Average hour rate in graphics design
	-> Average hour rate in flash design
	-> Average hour rate in simple html

	-> How much do people (or just you) usually ask there for just
full graphical interfaces (without doing any html, only the nice look)?
	-> What is the average cost for making a full (design plus html)
site? What do you usually charge?
	-> What is the cost of making a site with web based administration
(design+html+web based administration)?

I don`t need any exact prices, but just the overall view of things
(whether things are 20 or 100...and so on). So any information from this
side will be appreciated.

Siim Einfeldt

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