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Chris Evans chris at fuseware.com
Thu May 17 16:12:53 CDT 2001

You can set a cookie for root level domain if you use a preceding dot.  For
example, a cookie set for .fuseware.com will be readable at
www.fuseware.com, www2.fuseware.com, and so on.

If you set a specific cookie for www.fuseware.com, though, only that server
can read it.

Chris Evans
chris at fuseware.com

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Ok, then just to double check.

If www.domain.com sets a cookie, something.domain.com
can read it?

Nope.  The domain has to be EXACTLY the same.

That is, if they type "domain.com" instead of "www.domain.com", the cookie
won't work.

That's why it's a good idea to automatically detect and redirect people to

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