[thelist] A javascript question

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Thu May 17 16:51:38 CDT 2001

It might help if you posted new questions as a new thread with a 
descriptive subject ... but ideas ...

- an onSubmit event handler must return true or false
- The onSubmit event handler only fires as a result of clicking an 
actual submit button
- If your form is within a layer you have to reference that layer
- Why can't you put what's now in your onSubmit in the msg() function?

>var mailtoandsubject = null;
>function msg() {
>  document.mailer.action = "mailto:"
>  mailtoandsubject = (document.mailer.email.value + '?subject=' +
><FORM NAME="mailer" METHOD="post" ACTION="" ENCTYPE="text/plain"
>onSubmit="(document.mailer.action += mailtoandsubject)">

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