[thelist] A javascript question

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Thu May 17 17:58:13 CDT 2001

Hmmm ... well, uh, gee I was just trying to help ... sorry.

It didn't occur to be that he might just be trying to build a string 
... I thought he was wanting to do something like change either 
location.hash or location.href or excecute location.replace() 
depending on something else going on elsewhere in his script ... in 
which case the use of eval() would be appropriate, wouldn't it? 
Hense, my curiosity on that the possible values for "something" or 
"something else" could be.

Gee, I'm defending myself for misunderstanding a question.

>: From: Erik Mattheis
>: variable = eval("something"+top.location+"something else");
>this is not an appropriate use of eval() -- unless you're trying to evaluate
>a string to a variable.
>the example they give isn't a very good one as you can accomplish the very
>same thing *without* using eval().
>more info
>: I'm curious to know what the possible values
>: are for "something" and "something else" - a
>: window name and variable name in a frameset?
>they are obviously strings -- hence the double-quotes around them.
>hope this helps,

- Erik Mattheis

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