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: From: Erik Mattheis
: I think I explained why I posted that already ...
: let's see ... here it is:

sorry.  our mailserver has been on the fritz today.  i responded to your
original message long before your reply.  however, it didn't get sent until
after you'd already replied.  sorry, nothing i can do about that.

<tip type="ColdFusion">

have a single variable that you want to do perform different sections of
logic based on that variables value?  cfswitch is the best choice.  it can
take multiple case values as well as a defaultcase that will respond to any
value that variable contains that may not have a case.

for example:

<cfswitch expression="#action#">
  <cfcase value="process,delete">
    <cfinclude template="act_process.cfm">
  <cfcase value="view">
    <cfinclude template="act_form.cfm">
    <cfinclude template="dsp_form.cfm">
    <cfinclude template="act_forms.cfm">
    <cfinclude template="dsp_forms.cfm">




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