[thelist] got a minute for evolt?

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Fri May 18 02:22:35 CDT 2001

Ok, so i've gotten 3 stylesheets offlist in 20 minutes! PLEASE post them 
to thesite list, and not to me directly :) Thanks for the enthusiasm by 
the way :)


Daniel J. Cody wrote:

> Hey everyone -
> evolt needs some new stylesheets(themes) for some of our new and 
> upcoming sites.. we've got the 'green' on www.evolt.org and the 'cobalt' 
> on browsers.evolt.org and the 'red' on lists.evolt.org and the 'desert' 
> on members.evolt.org, but we're running thin on ideas! :)
> so, would anyone out of our ranks be interested in whipping up a cool 
> theme or 3? just some nice stylesheets for evolt to use on or sites.. 
> you'd get the credit, and undying praise from me :)
> there are some sample files here:
> http://members.evolt.org/Mishka/evoltfiles.zip
> it would be a nice way to contribute back to all the good stuff you get 
> from evolt, and i'll tell ya what - the 'theme' that I like the most 
> gets an evolt t-shirt, free of charge :) all submissions will be used, 
> appreciated, and groveled over though too :)
> so, whip up a lil' somethin and post it to thesite list( 
> http://lists.evolt.org/mailman/listinfo/thesite ).. you'll be the envy 
> of web developers worldwide by contibuting, so lets see what ya got! :)

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