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John Handelaar genghis at members.evolt.org
Fri May 18 05:21:01 CDT 2001

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> Write a "cron" script that starts and stops the DNS service for you. You
> can have your web creation software create a flag file, and the
> cron script
> look for the flag file. If its there, restart DNS and delete the flag. If
> its not there - don't refresh.

On Windows you can use STARTSVC.EXE and STOPSVC.EXE
to achieve this - look 'em up in Google.

Given, however, that you are able to modify the
DNS server's text files directly, I'd suggest
you use a different DNS server which may not
require a reload.  There's definitely a BIND
port for Win32, for example.

John Handelaar

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