[thelist] cookies

Niklaus Haldimann runciter at rosa.com
Fri May 18 07:02:31 CDT 2001

I wrote:
> > > http://www.userfrenzy.com/sinister.jpg
> >
> > i'm puzzled. i was under the impression that this alert doesn't have
> > anything to do with cookies but with submitted form data.
John Handelaar wrote:
> I'm mainly drawing your attention to the URL, not
> the dialog box.

ok, i got it now. ;-) didn't even glance at the URL the first time ... 

this is sort of scary. but since the domains which can exchange cookies
(all MS's) are probably hardcoded in the browser it's not all that much
of a security concern, is it? or is there some ie5.5 proprietary way to
exchange cookies? does anyobdy know more about this?

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