[thelist] got a minute for evolt?

Paola Kathuria paola at limitless.co.uk
Fri May 18 08:37:21 CDT 2001

rudy wrote:
> i've been collecting colour bookmarks for years, and i think i can finally
> throw them out

Gosh, thank you.

> you don't need a separate preview link, that should be built in
> to the other two tools

Hmm, I need to think about that...  The background previewer was
the meat of the colour selector when it started in 1995 - I think
it's useful in its own right, perhaps to help people check their
final colour choices.

> add a feature to generate html or css from the current swatch,
> something like paletteman.com (except please don't ask for my email id) or
> like the huey freeware which copies them to the clipboard like this --
> <BODY BGCOLOR="#F9F3F7" TEXT="#000937"
>   LINK="#6666CC" ALINK="#CC0000" VLINK="#996699">

Doesn't the Previewer do this?  You can also bookmark or print
colour pages (although only newer browsers will print the cell
background colour).

To save people time suggesting things I've already added in
the new version, the new features are:

+ converted the whole resource to sessions - teh current
  colour and settings persist from page to page within a visit

+ can display/enter colour values in hex or decimal

+ choose from a clickable palette (of "safe" colours) - this
  used to be in the resource but I recently noticed that the
  imagemap didn't match the palette image *blush*)

+ choose the palette layout and palette background colour

+ vary the number of swatches per row (from 3 to 13)
  (Swatch Maker)

+ added a page to explain how the colour calculations are

+ added a page to list short-cuts in using the resources
  (e.g., each page is a single form - any button applies all
  changes made in the drop-down lists or input boxes)

And to do before I can make the new version live:

+ add a suggestion form - I've got a list of new features in
  mind and want to know how useful people would find them (such
  as an editable history of colours viewed); I'd also like to
  to hear more suggestions.


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