[thelist] DIVs, Layers, Slideshows & NS4.x

Bruce Heerssen bheerssen at visualbridge.tv
Fri May 18 11:17:37 CDT 2001

Johnny Gebreselassie penned this piece of drivel:
> The problem here is that this slideshow is being developed in the wrong
> place.  Since when was the web designed for slideshows.(?)

Since someone decided to put a slideshow on the web.

Please keep in mind that the web is an evolving medium. The web wasn't even
designed (originally) for the most mundane uses we are putting it to now. The
web was designed to allow linking between text documents on different servers
located around the world, and that's it. Hence "HyperText Transfer Protocol".
It was not originally designed for e-commerce, games, magazines, multi-media
presentations, or even the display of simple images.

My point is: stop trying to define what the web is for. The web is for
whatever *anyone* decides to do with it. Thats the beauty of it - it's very
egalitarian in it's essence. There may be guidelines for what is appropriate
on certain types of web sites, but there are no guidelines for what is
appropriate for the web as a whole - and nor should there be.

So, if the guy wants a slide show, who are you to criticize him for it?

my $0.02,


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