[thelist] DSL & Home Networking Q

matt newell matt at sweetillusions.org
Fri May 18 12:41:38 CDT 2001

the simplest way is to prolly get a "Linksys cable/dsl router"
[www.linksys.com] (there are 1 and 4 port models available -- get the 4 port
and you dont need a hub), that'll set you back about 160$ or so ..

plus the ethernet cabling and nic cards for all boxes concerned (around $50
maybe total?)

i've been using the linksys for home routing for over two years, and its
been perfect. i host www/ftp/mail/etc. with no problems. be aware, this
isn't a "professional" solution, but it still works damn fine.


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: Hi Gang,
: It looks like I may have managed to convince my boss to foot the bill for
: home DSL service ... and lend me a Win2k box. The paperwork is being
: generated now. Hurray!
: ;-)
: I have an ornery dual boot system, (Win98 / Mandrake), at home already.
: Linux works great ... the Windows is a mess. (video driver and hard drive
: architecture problems) I need to tear it down and redo it --- now I'll
: a chance!]
: For those of you keeping score at home ... that's one DSL line and at
: 2 machines ...
: What am I gonna be needin' here folks?   A router?   NIC cards?   Cabling?
: Other junk?
: Any links for 'step-by-step' instructions to home DSL networking for the
: hardware-impaired?
: Thanks,
: RonL.
: (still doing his 'happy dance' over the news!)
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